1. Frog legs brought back to life with salt

  2. Fried Balogna Samsam

    Stir fried balogna with ginger and lemongrass in rice balls. Served with sriracha aioli.

  3. The Mechanic

    Mashed potato and ground beef egg roll with a Tabasco/garlic/sesame oil dipping sauce

  4. Scattered, smothered, and stir fried

    Lard scattered red potato hashbrowns with red onion, squash, and jalapenos in hoisin topped with a slice of american cheese.

  5. Fill it to the rim, with bream

    Fried bream roll with vinegar cole slaw topped with bream roe, wrapped in steamed mustard green.

  6. Ate-a-mommy

    Shelled boiled peanuts as edamame (via @haireofthedog)

  7. Fire for Crackers

    Fried chitterling potstickers with honey/Tabasco reduction

  8. The Farmer’s Nephew

    Texas Pete hot dog chili dim sum

  9. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roll

    Crawfish spring rolls with shaved squash skin, shredded mustard greens, and corn kernels. With a gravy dip with Tabasco.

  10. Feathers Ruffled

    Chicken katsu with a crushed potato chip crust

  11. The Rested Frog

    Hand gigged local frog legs over cattail green salad with miso/ginger dressing

  12. Little BBQ Bomb

    Pulled pork dim sum with chinese yellow mustard BBQ sauce

  13. Nightcrawler #1

    Thick udon in beef, soy, sriracha broth 

  14. Jedburg Roll

    Tempura minnows with velveeta and squash slices in a Carolina Gold rice roll

  15. Pork katsu

    Thin fried pork steaks with sausage gravy